Periodontal Therapy

The average American adult has a greater than 72% chance to develop some form of gum disease. Patients visiting their dentist regularly can still be affected by this disease.

It is unfortunate, but the bacteria that causes gum disease is present constantly. Vigorous dental hygiene at home and at the dentist can imrpove ones chances but constant vigilance is needed. When the disease is present and if caught in a timely fashion, a proper a therapeutic method can be decided to help curtail the effects of the disease. For instance, this disease if left untreated will affect the surrounding bone tissue which supports teeth. If the bone is allowed to deteriorate, teeth will become loose and need further treatments or removals.

The traditional methods are to have the dentist and hygienist team treat the affected areas by instrumenting and as patient’s call this “cleanings”. Along with proper cleanings, the dentist team will use other methods of bacteria removing or killing like antibiotic rinses, injections into the affected areas, laser treatments an such.

Dentistry can keep healthy for alifetime, but requires much assistance from both the dental team and the patients with regular visits and absolute home care.

Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT)

What is Laser Periodontal Therapy?

Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy treats periodontal diseases using a new laser technique. The The Denmat Sol Laser is used with this laser gum treatment. We do not use scalpels and there are no sutures used with laser gum treatment, so the fear of gum disease treatment simply does not exist as before. LAPT is the safest, cleanest and latest treatment for gum disease.

Our Dentist is trained to provide the Laser Periodontal Therapy™ laser gum treatment option for the treatment of gum disease (i.e. periodontitis, gingivitis). The new LAPT gum treatment is pain free, and highly effective and a viable option to consider.

Does LANAP Laser Periodontal treatment Work?

The bacteria that are responsible for gum disease live inside your tissues. The Sol laser selectively targets the main bacteria responsible for Periodontitis. Tartar or Calculus is linked to inflamed gums that often bleed and require some sort of treatment. In the treatment of periodontal gum disease, calculus or tartar would be removed from the tooth’s root surface using a small ultrasonic scaler or hand instruments. The laser gum treatment is much gentler than traditional scalings alone. Bone reshaping and replenishing procedure utilizes the laser of the Denmat Sol to destroy and disinfect the tissue and root surface. The light energy targets the tooth and gum and eliminates the infection. Using the laser gum treatment, the laser light’s energy deals with the bacteria of gum disease by gently removing small amounts of diseased gum tissue, and reducing bacteria. Once completed, your gums start to heal naturally and quickly.


Is LAPT Laser Periodontal Treatment Painful?

While the Laser Periodontal gum treatments are painless, we still anesthetize to provide the most comfort during your treatment of gum disease. Many times, a simple topical anesthetic spray is all that is required. Post procedure discomfort lasts only a short period of time.


How Much Time Does the Laser Gum Treatment Take?

The length and complexity of your gum treatment will depend on how severe your periodontal disease is and the degree of treatment of gum disease you need. It can take one or more visits to the office for treatment and this is reflected in your periodontal disease treatment cost. Your dentist will discuss the treatment of gum disease, individual laser gum treatment plan and LAPT Laser Periodontal Surgery, along with periodontal disease treatment costs.

What types of procedures does the Laser Periodontal Therapy consist of?

This Laser can accomplish the simplest procedures like removing a frenum to the more intricate gum surgical procedures and disinfecting areas of stubborn and or recurring periodontal disease. In a sense, this Laser treatment can accomplish most all gum procedures with much less healing time, discomfort and need for sutures.

Compared to Traditional Gum Surgery is LAPT Laser Periodontal Surgery More Costly?

The costs vary greatly depending on disease severity, number of visits, patient’s ability to submit to appointments and whether or not insurance is a part of the equation. Periodontal disease treatment costs for LAPT (laser gum surgery) are generally similar to traditional types of gum surgery. Laser gum surgery treatments for the treatment of gum disease are considered a normal periodontal disease treatment cost. However, there are factors in the treatment of gum disease, which can affect the cost of laser gum surgery.

A number of insurance plans have periodontal disease treatment cost coverage so they will pay a portion of your laser gum surgery costs. You should discuss your payments with our dental office, because we do provide periodontal disease treatment cost financing options for laser gum treatment and the latest laser gum surgery. We want our patients to be able to enjoy the comfort of the new laser treatment of gum disease while making it as affordable as possible.

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