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Getting over your fear of the dentist with IV Sedation

Dental fear and anxiety is real and it is the main reason people don’t visit the dentist on a regular basis. Millions of people all over the world suffer from dental phobia. The amount of those people who are putting their overall health at risk by avoiding dental treatment before things get out of hand is what’s really concerning to their body and the recovery. The fact is, your dental and gum health are systemically directly connected; when one of them is compromised the other will follow. 

The Heart & Periodontal Health Link

Research shows that unchecked and uncorrected dental issues, even minor and non-painful ones can lead to serious systemic health consequences, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, pregnancy complications and many more. Whether there’s no obvious explanation for your dental anxiety or you’ve had an unpleasant experience during a dental visit, we strongly encourage you not to skip regular dental exams and treatment.
Dr. Nilo Hernandez and his team at Smilecreator of Naples are one of the very few Bale and Doneen Method trained dentists in the area that can and will un understand this Heart and Periodontal Health link. , You may visit the Bale & Doneen website to learn more about what the Smilecreator team can help you avoid and clearly be ahead of. Visit: https://baledoneen.com/

Our Sedation & Anesthesia Options

Our doctors are all trained and very experienced in the administration and management of the sedated patient whether by means of Oral and or IV sedative methods. We promise to have a reassuring manner, proven expertise, and a history of positive patient experiences. In addition, the team offers IV sedation and other types of anesthesia to keep you pain- and fear-free during procedures.

  • IV Sedation, & combinations of all these
  • Oral Sedation
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Local Anesthetic

The main goal for the Smilecreator team is your satisfaction and comfort

The Advantages Of IV Sedation the Smilecreator way

While all forms of anesthesia and sedation can help minimize your dental anxiety and pain to some extent, IV sedation the way Smilecreator of Naples has developed and perfected has some specific advantages over other methods. We have been using a combination of all of these in such a way that we use the best of all the methods to combine for better time management, more comfort, and an overall better experience.

With a better potency, dependable pain control and less stress, this will make you unaware of the procedure you are undergoing. This is not General Anesthesia and do not confuse the two. This is “conscious sedation” which means we will sedate you safely and only to a point where You are still able to breathe on your own without the need for us help you in that regards. You will be asleep, but slightly which is why it is called “light IV or twilight sedation”. Once the procedure is over, you are unlikely to remember any of it or small bits. Because of these qualities, IV sedation is particularly useful for long, complex, invasive procedures like dental implants. Dr. Hernandez and the team are of the very few area board certified specialists qualified to administer this type of sedation and do these procedures. 

Don’t let this fear keep you from a healthy and productive life again. We are here to help you overcome this phobia in a confident, well trained and professional environment for your safety first.

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Dr. Nilo Hernandez, Jr. DDS

Dr. Nilo’s training in the surgical arts is one of many reasons he has excelled with the greatest of passions and vigor. Since 1991, Dr. Hernandez has placed and restored well over 15,000 dental implants and has been achieved and maintains one of the highest success rates nationwide. For many years, he has been involved in teaching other dentists to achieve great results with his proprietary techniques. His quest is to prepare other dentists to reach levels of aptitude and proficiency never reached before.


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