You need to have a new filling, or have an old one replaced. In the world of modern dentistry, you have several choices as to the materials that we can now use.

In order for you to make a more informed decision, we have put together this information sheet for your review. Dentists still place silver fillings, but our office has decided to not place them any longer for personal reasons. Besides, we find that rarely do patients want them any longer because the new materials bond to the tooth structure better and are so much more lifelike and non reactive. We have listed your choices in materials in order of strength, longevity and investment. Keep in mind that the stronger materials last longer, and while the initial investment is more; they won’t have to be replaced as often, if at all. So in the long run, they actually cost you LESS! How long any tooth lasts depends on how good a job you do with your home care and whether you come in for your regular dental visits. Some people want to drive a Mercedes, others are happy with a Chevy. The choice is yours.

Your Filling Options

GOOD: Composite, Direct Tooth Colored Fillings.

The direct placed, one appointment fillings are shaded to match your tooth and are actually bonded to the tooth for added strength. For small fillings and front fillings, this may be your best choice. For larger fillings, they are not as strong. These are the lowest fees as well.

BETTER: Lab Fabricated Tooth Colored Fillings.

Invisalign does not irritate the lips, cheeks, or gums like traditional brackets and wires.

Invisalign allows you to eat whatever foods you desire.

Aligners are removable

You brush and floss as you normally would, keeping your gums healthier throughout the course of treatment.

Esthetically, they are nearly undetectable.

Invisalign is not for everyone, but your doctor can determine if it is right for you. As a Certified Invisalign Provider, our doctor is specially trained and certified to evaluate your problem and develop a customized treatment plan to give you a beautiful smile.

BEST: Lab Fabricated Gold & Porcelain Fillings.

The strongest and most durable material for dentistry today is still gold. Like other lab fabricated fillings, gold fillings require two appointments, a mold of your tooth, and a temporary. Gold is much more esthetic than old silver fillings because gold fillings do not stain teeth. Some people may not care for the look of gold fillings, while others want the added strength. If the filling in an area that does not show when you smile, gold is by far the best choice. The fee is also higher with these. Remember, the choice is always yours!

As you can see, you have several good choices of materials to restore your teeth. All of them work, but the lab fabricated fillings work better and last longer. Just like you could buy a good pair of shoes or buy a cheaper pair. Both will work, but the good pair will last longer, look better and over time, may cost less because you don’t have to replace them over and over again. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help.

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Dental implants can be used to support one missing tooth or to replace many missing teeth.

Invisalign is a very popular alternative to the traditional “metal” braces.

The ultimate goal of these is to save the tooth and restore its proper use and function.

A ground-breaking regenerative medicine technique with a wide range of applications throughout the dental practice.

The severe headache pain that appears to be a migraine could be caused by problems with your teeth or jaw.

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