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Benefits of Invisalign®

The use of Invisalign® offers several advantages to the user. First, unlike metal braces, they are clear and will not affect your appearance or smile. This is especially useful for adults and teens who want to live without the added pressure of the brackets and wires that make up the braces. Secondly, they are much more comfortable and less cumbersome, particularly compared to typical braces.

The Invisalign dentist will ensure they take careful measurements of your teeth, ensuring that the Invisalign tray chosen for you is custom-made for your teeth and your needs. Since they are made of smooth plastic without rough and sharp edges, one is less likely to suffer from injuries or sores.

A dentist near you will advise on how to clean the aligners themselves. Invisalign braces are easier to clean and maintain. They do not have problematic, hard-to-reach spots where food particles and plaque can hide, making reaching difficult. They are designed to stay on for between 20-22 hours daily.

Because you can remove them, these braces are convenient and safer than other options for cosmetic dentistry near you. For instance, those participating in sporting activities can typically be removed and worn right after. They can also be removed when participating in such activities as brushing one’s teeth, making everyday life much easier.

Reach out to us to get Invisalign in Naples, FL, which helps straighten your teeth more conveniently. We will evaluate your bite misalignment problem first.

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