Full Mouth Restoration in Naples, FL

Patients with multiple concerns regarding their smile may find that our dentist in Naples, FL, can offer full mouth restoration to rejuvenate and repair their smile completely. Full mouth reconstruction or restoration is a complex, comprehensive treatment featuring a combination of procedures that work to address numerous issues.

Total mouth restoration requires thoughtful planning coupled with keen attention to detail. Our dentist office near you offers step-by-step solutions to help our patients completely revamp their smiles over several months based on the required dental work. We can also make recommendations to achieve the most of the treatment plan.

What are Some of the Procedures We May Recommend?

The type and number of procedures we perform in total mouth restoration depend largely on the patient’s dental needs and desires. We may recommend the following:

Fillings – Tooth fillings help repair a tooth damaged by decay, thus easing pain and preventing additional damage. Your tooth is restored to its normal function.

Crowns – We place tooth crowns to protect an existing tooth that has been chipped, cracked, broken, or damaged by decay. Additionally, crowns can enhance a patient’s overall look.

Root canals – Our dentist does root canals to repair and salvage a tooth that is extensively damaged or infected. We clean the pulp and seal hollows.

Dental implants – We place dental implants that serve as tooth roots for missing teeth. The metal root is affixed to the jawbone, serving as a strong and stable foundation for an artificial tooth or teeth.

Oral surgery – We may perform oral surgery to extract impacted teeth or resolve issues with the jaw. Corrective jaw surgery corrects irregularities with the jawbone and realigns the teeth and jaw, improving how they work and sprucing up your facial appearance.

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