Teeth and Viruses

What you need to know about your teeth and fighting off the viruses.

You are hearing all the bad news in the media. The entire world is focused on the virus epidemic and for good reason. But there are things we can do in addition to what they are telling us about keeping our hands clean and not touching our faces etc.

In a time like we are all going through, the last thing you want is to have preventable problems and additional concerns. The more I thought of the situation, the more I have become fixated on what we have done in the past and what changes wee will be doing automatically to be safer coming out the other end. Who ever thought that washing our hands should have specific movements and be for at least 15 seconds to be completed as much as possible? We took that for granted and as not that important so long as water and some soap contacted our skin. Now, we understand better. Hand sanitizers is another one. Do they really work? Is at as effective as properly washing our hands? I think not.

Science tells us many things we don’t know and many others we should know. But common sense is the biggest teacher of all. Now, we are all aware of how long approximately germs live on certain surfaces like doorknobs, table tops, grocery bags and so on. We had taken those things for granted and for whatever reason, we had never tied those actions to specific communicable events. Until now!

As I wondered about this, it dawned on me that our teeth are a major factor in the positive or negative outcome of the disease transmission process. If our teeth are well maintained and healthy, we have a much better chance of not trapping thee harmful bacteria or viruses. However, when our teeth have cracks, pits and faulty old dental work, then we are at a much higher chance of having these contaminants stay in those crevices and lurch for longer periods of time. This is the time in our lives unlike any other time in recent memory that we should re evaluate our actions moving forward.

These new actions should very well include the recommendations from the CDC and other leading authorities and become automatic in our everyday lives. From simply washing our hands properly and often, to sanitizing our groceries, its all going to change. But if your teeth have broken old fillings and crowns, this is the time you need to be concerned with getting those items taken care of to prevent additional areas where bacteria, viruses and other harmful bacteria lurch and hide. In addition, periodontal disease like bleeding gums and foul breath have negative impacts on your immune system and heart health. To find out more, contact Dr. Nilo Hernandez at www.Smilecreator.com or call the office for a Complimentary examination at (239)564-3100. Stay Safe and Live long!

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