It’s Time To Entrust Your Heart Health To Your Dentist

It’s Time To Entrust Your Heart Health To Your Dentist

September 9, 2021

Clearly, you would not go to a cardiologist to find out what’s wrong if you have a toothache. But, if your dentist is a biological dentist practicing the BaleDoneen method, you definitely would and should go to your dentist to find out if you have or are at high risk of having cardiovascular disease. This dentist could also tell you if you are at risk for a stroke, dementia or diabetes.

The mouth is the gateway to the entire body. And more and more it is becoming understood that high risk periodontal pathogens cause heart disease. Your dentist is the only medical professional that can tell you if you have the high-risk pathogens responsible for the number one cause of death and disability.

In fact, periodontal disease may be an underlying and potentially treatable cause of about 50% of all heart attacks.

A Simple DNA Test Could Save Your Life

As a biological dental practice, we employ and follow the BaleDoneen Method to incorporate the study and prevention of the link between heart disease, strokes and gum disease. Many silent, underlying diseases of the mouth, like old failing root canals, have been proven to contribute to elevated chances of having a severe stroke or heart disease.

Cardiovascular incidents are preventable with proper care and attention to the underlying causes such as diet and other forms that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. We use DNA testing to discover if you have the high-risk periodontal pathogens that indicate a risk for the diseases that are at the top of the list for causing death.

60,000 Miles Of Arterial Pipe In The Human Body

What most people do not know is that there are roughly 60,000 miles of arteries through which blood flows throughout the entire human body. The heart is the muscle that pumps the blood, but the arteries are the delivery system. So, having a heart attack or a stroke is not just about blockage in the main arteries leading to the heart or the brain. There could be blockage anywhere in those 60,000 miles.

The point of all of this is that arterial wellness is the objective in preventing heart disease and strokes. Blockages indicate that there is inflammation that must be reduced and eliminated. Periodontal disease is also inflammation which indicates that there is likely inflammation somewhere else in those 60,000 miles of arteries coursing throughout the body.

COVID-19 And Underlying Health Issues

With COVID-19 being especially deadly to people with underlying health conditions, it’s never been more important to know if you are at risk for heart disease, dementia, stroke or diabetes. These are the major illnesses that so many have had who met death due to COVID-19. Many younger victims of the virus did not appear to have underlying illnesses. But, therein lies the problem. Most people don’t know they have arterial blockages until they have a heart attack or stroke. The value of being able to find out if you have periodontal pathogens that indicate you are at risk for those diseases could be a real life saver because you are never too old to reverse the health conditions of your arteries.

If you would like to improve your health and find out if you have high risk periodontal pathogens that could lead to heart attacks, strokes, dementia and/or diabetes, call our offices to schedule an appointment. In the meantime, please follow all the safety protocols such as wearing a mask when out in public and washing your hands frequently and thoroughly.

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