Isolation Is Torturous And Nothing To Smile About

Isolation Is Torturous And Nothing To Smile About

September 9, 2021

Throughout the course of this COVID-19 pandemic, with mandated shelter-in-place orders during which my dental practice was shut down, I’ve been thinking about the effect isolation has on us humans. I see the effects of self-isolation in my practice all too frequently. It made me think about how isolation is often used as a form of torture. In war and in prison, inmates are put into isolation in order to make them comply, behave or give up some bit of information.

After so many months of social distancing and staying away from groups of people, I too have begun to feel the unpleasant effects. Many people I know are feeling lethargic and depressed. We humans need interaction. We need hugs and handshakes. We need to move around and express ourselves joyfully and freely.

Crooked Teeth, Broken Teeth, Missing Teeth Cause People To Self-Isolate

In my practice I have come to recognize the effects of isolation on patients who have self-isolated, sometimes for years, due to the condition of their teeth. For anyone with good teeth, this may be difficult to comprehend. However, there are many people who suffer as a result of having teeth that for whatever reason are not simply less than ideal but may have been the source of teasing or bullying, lost as a result of illness or accidents. There are many reasons. How one got the teeth in the condition that would cause them to self-isolate is not the issue. Returning them to a state of joyful living and self-confidence is my focus.

Here’s To A Healthy Mouth That Will Keep You Smiling And Engaged In Life

Helping my patients achieve and maintain the greatest degree of oral health possible is my passion. Giving my patients a beautiful smile along with something to smile about due to the exceptional patient care I provide is my mission. Our mouths are the entryway to every organ in our bodies. Having a healthy oral cavity and having teeth that function to chew food thoroughly and enjoyably is something every person deserves. Cutting oneself off from a healthy social life due to unattractive teeth is a form of torture that I would like to help bring to an end for those who are suffering.

Crowns, Bridges, Implants, And Biological Services

People from all walks of life and for many hundreds of years have always found ways to fix broken teeth. And, of course over the centuries the techniques have improved. The variety of contemporary dental techniques and procedures can only be described as miraculous when you see the end results.

I employ the latest, most advanced techniques and procedures in my dental practice, including biological services that identify tendencies toward other life-threatening conditions such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes. In this way, I help my patients be able to smile with confidence once again and get out and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

From Isolation To Exhilaration

Most people do not have “perfect teeth.” Whether you sucked your thumb as child or had sports injuries or are prone to periodontal diseases, the condition of your teeth and mouth may be preventing you from enjoying life as fully as you would like. You teeth can be restored, saved, re-aligned and your oral health can be improved.

Do not isolate yourself unnecessarily. We’ve all learned through this pandemic the importance of human interaction. We practice all of the new safety protocols mandated for dental professionals and have always been meticulous in our safety procedures. Give us a call and let us help get you engaged in life again.

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